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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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NWC Special Class
 Institute on the Constitution
Guest Professor
Dr. John Eidsmoe
We regret to inform you
this class is cancelled due to the COVID 19 closures
We hope to reschedule this in fall 2020
Call 340-6569 for more information.




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 Summer 2020 Geology Fieldtrip



 Noah Webster College Geology Field trip to Wyoming - Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks 

June 24-30, 2020

     Please join us for this spectacular geology fieldtrip led by NWC professor, Dr. Jerry Simmons.  More information may be found, including a daily schedule and lodging and cost information on the tab "Summer Seminar".

We look forward to a fun and informative field trip in Creation Geology!  Formal credit in Geology may be obtained with this trip.  Both Campground and Motel information is listed for you on the "Summer Seminar" tab above.  Call 340-6569 for questions.

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Noah Webster College is a Christian Liberal Arts College offering classes in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area at various locations.  Our office and library are located in Albuquerque at 12820 Indian School Road NE.  The College began offering undergraduate classes to students in the fall 2009 semester.


The following groups of students will find Noah Webster College appealing:

     Current students at a public college or university will wish to supplement their majors with classes that emphasize learning from a Biblical worldview.  It is in these classes at NWC that students can learn a deeper understanding of their faith and sharpen their ability to explain and defend Christianity.
     Thoughtful Christian students who wish to gain a Biblical worldview as they learn. Strong academics can earn an entire liberal arts degree from Noah Webster College.  NWC offers classes with a unique Core Curriculum and mentoring program for students who complete the four year degree program and graduate with a BA degree in Liberal Arts.  Students may choose concentrations in Natural Science, History, Literature, or Philosophy.
     Parents and Adults find the classes at NWC will inspire them to a love of learning.  Many parents will find the coursework helpful in teaching their own children or enriching their understanding and background in a subject.
     Educators and Teachers can learn to present their course materials from a Biblical worldview and be able to understand and use important Biblical principles to better challenge and affect their students' reasoning abilities.
     Our goals are learning to reason from a Biblical perspective and equipping the student for effective leadership impacting the world and culture for Christ.
 If you are interested in further information, please see our contact page so we can add you to our email list.
 In Christ,
John Kinzer,  for The Noah Webster College Board, (505) 340-6569