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Saturday, June 15, 2019
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2018 Annual Banquet with 


Special Guest Speaker: 

Dr. John Eidsmoe

"Recapturing the Constitution from the Courts"


Join us for the banquet which will take place at Hoffmantown Church on October 26th, Friday night, 6:30-8:30 pm. at Hoffmantown Church.  We will learn about ways Noah Webster College has made an impact in educating Albuquerque students as well as educating Chinese and African students through our association with Daystar Institute.  We look forward to an informative and interesting evening.  The dinner is free and is open to all who want to learn more about the college.  This is our one fund-raising effort each year, so we hope that you will give towards the growth of the college as the Lord leads you.  We appreciate  and value the help of our sponsors with making this banquet a great success in support of the College and its programs. 

Please contact us at 340-6569 with the  number of persons who will attend the banquet by Wednesday, October 24, so we can plan for the food and settings.  We hope you will attend!


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John Eidsmoe Introduction 

John Eidsmoe is a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel, a retired Alabama State Defense Force Colonel, and a Colonel in the Mississippi State Guard.  He is a Professor of Law at the Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy, and in his various teaching assignments his students have giving him the Outstanding Professor Award or Prof of the Year Award five times.  He has served as Senior Staff Attorney at the Alabama Supreme Court and is currently Legal Counsel for the Foundation for Moral Law.   He is an ordained pastor with the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and serves on the Board of Lutherans for Life and on the Board of the Plymouth Rock Foundation, and is a constitutional attorney who has defended home schools, Christian schools, the right of students to study the Bible in public schools, and the right of public officials to display the Ten Commandments.  He has authored 14 books and numerous audio and video lecture series.  He holds 7 academic degrees in law, theology, history, and political science, as well as graduating from the Air Command & Staff College and the Air War College.  He is a Third Degree Black Belt with the American Taekwondo Foundation, a Fifth Degree Black Belt with the Gospel Martial Arts Union, and a Fifth Degree Black Belt with Black Belts of the Faith International, as well as a knight commander and chaplain with the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem (  Colonel Eidsmoe is an avid horseman and skier, and tries to get 8 hours of sleep every week.  He and his wife Marlene have been married since 1970, have three children (David, Kirsten, and Justin) and live in rural Pike Road, Alabama. 


Seminars with Dr. John Eidsmoe in Albuquerque, October 24-27

Wednesday, October 24

Workshop 1:  7-8:30 pm. at Calvary Chapel East, 12820 Indian School Rd. NE

“The Biblical Roots of the Constitution:  The Laws of the Ancient Hebrews”


Thursday, October 25

Presentations at Rio Grande Enrichment Studies, High School Students and other guests at Hoffmantown Church, Building D, 8888 Harper Drive NE

12:45-1:45 pm.  “Patrick Henry: The Voice of Liberty”

                    1:45-2:15 pm.  Break and Visit Book Table

                    2:15- 3:15 pm.  “Noah Webster:  The Father of the Dictionary”


Workshop 2:  6-7:30 pm.         “The Ancient Roots of the Constitution:  “Echoes of Eden” in Ancient Empires” at Foothills Fellowship Church, Tramway & Candelaria NE

Workshop 3:   7:45-9:15 pm.     “The Common Law Roots of the Constitution:  Celtic, Saxon, Viking, Norman, and More” at Foothills Fellowship Church

Friday, October 26

Workshop 4:  9-10:30 am.  “The Reformation Roots of the Constitution:  From Luther and Calvin to Locke and Blackstone” at Calvary Chapel East


Saturday, October 27

Workshop 5:  10-11:30 am.  "The War on the Constitution:  Darwinism, Postmodernism, and the "Living Constitution'"  at Calvary Chapel East


Workshop 6:  12-1:30 pm.  "Daniel:  God's Man for all Seasons"  at Calvary Chapel East

All workshops are free and open to the public!  Donations to Noah Webster College are gratefully accepted.


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Thank you to our following Sponsors
of the 2017 Annual Banquet!
Please visit them and give them your business and support
for their generous help to the College!
Albuquerque Steel Bridge Ministry
Pastor John Hill, Director
Chick-Fil-A at Cottonwood Mall
Mr. Dan O'Bryan, 897-6324
Steve Kunkle State Farm Insurance
Steve Kunkle, 292-5940
Calvary Chapel East
Pastor Gary Cowan, 243-2025
Menicucci Insurance Agency
Mark Menicucci 883-3683
Family Wellness Ministry
Dr. Geraldo Cionelo, CNHP, Director
The Daystar Institute
Dr. Peter Briggs, President
Rio Grande Enrichment Studies, LLC
John Kinzer, Director
Ethnos 360 (formerly New Tribes Mission)
Rex Schaffner, Regional Director
Providence Presbyterian Church
Dr. Randy Steele, Pastor

Faith Church, Rio Rancho
Mike McDonald, Pastor

International Students, Inc.
Jim and Joan Lasche  244-1122

Mrs. Eleanor Kinzer Memorial Table 
High Desert Owls  934-5907

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Neal Table 
Primemerica, Rick Johnson Registered Representative
of PFS INvestments, Inc. 382-6854

Albuquerque Mens' Prayer Table
Mr. Ron Cotinola  385-7861

Hoffmantown Church
Rev. Erik Christensen, 828-2600
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Romero 
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Trujillo
Foothills Fellowship
Pastor Mike Potter, 294-0016