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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Tuition and Fees

Registration fee (one time per academic year)                                               $80
Due at the time of application (two weeks before class).
Late Registration Fee                                                                                            $30
Due by the late registration deadline date.
Tuition for College credit                                                                     $130/ sem hr.
Tuition for audit credit                                                                         $60/ sem hr.
Fee for dropping/adding per class                                                                      $30
Fee for sending an Official Transcript to a college                                        $10/Transcript
     (Free Transcript is available to the student once each year)
(All above fees include tax, and are non-refundable)
Payment Policies
Registration ends two weeks before the first day of a class. Students wishing to register after this time may do so (up until end of the 3rd week of classes) with an additional $50 late fee added to their bill.
Enrollment is on a first-come basis.  Please register as early as possible. 
Mail the application with registration and tuition  fees payable to "NWC" to: 
Noah Webster College, 12820 Indian School Road, NE., Albuquerque, NM 87112.
An interview will be scheduled as part of the application process. 
Tuition aid may be available based on need.  Notify the college to obtain a Request for Tuition Aid Form.  Scholarships are available.  Please contact the NWC office at
There is no aid for registration.  Registration fees must be paid in full.
* * * * *
Tuition Fee for Summer Seminar:
       $20 tuition per person
     $25 tuition for a couple
     $10 tuition per current college or high school student
     Free tuition for NWC faculty and students
Note:  The tuition fee is paid at the door and is a fee for the entire three session seminar.  A participant can attend
one, two, or all three seminar sessions having paid the tuition fee.
A participant may earn one semester credit by doing additional study and written work.  If you are interested in
earning a one semester credit, please contact the college at 340-6569 or 
There is an additional tuition fee of $100.  Work must be completed by the beginning of the fall semester.