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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Noah Webster College offers a variety of classes each semester as well as special educational events for the community throughout the year.  Please browse our offerings and take advantage of the many opportunities to learn from a Biblical perspective.





Join us for the Noah Webster College Fall 2020 Classes

Institute on the Constitution

Dates are to be determined (October or November, 2020) at Hoffmantown Church

Dr. John Eidsmoe, Professor


 Sessions 1-3, 7-8:45 pm

Session 1:  A Biblical View of History, Law, and Government

Session 2:  The Discovery, Settlement, and Evangelization of America

Session 3:  The Religious Beliefs of the Founding Fathers


 Sessions 4-6, 7-8:45 pm.

Session 4:  The Philosophical World View of the Founding Fathers

Session 5:  1776 - 1789:  From Independence to the Constitution

Session 6:  Overview of the Constitution: Preamble, Article I


 Sessions 7-9, 7-8:45 pm.

Session 7:  Overview of the Constitution:  Articles II & III

Session 8:  Overview of the Constitution: Articles IV, V, VI, and VII

Session 9:  The Bill of Rights; the First Amendment


 Sessions 10-12, 7-8:45pm.

Session 10: Overview of the Constitution: Amendments II Through XXVII

Session 11:  The Crisis of the Constitution: From Biblical Absolutes to Evolutionary Humanism

Session 12:  Reclaiming the Constitution: A Victory Plan for Restoring Our Constitutional Heritage


Class Location and Times:  Each class will meet at Hoffmantown Church in the main church building in room B-216.  The classes will meet from 7-8:45 pm. each evening.  Each of the 12 sessions are open to the public and are free of charge

Credit:  Those students wishing to take the classes for credit, History 412 is a 2-credit class, and tuition is $260.  For those wanting audit credit, the cost is $120 for the class.  Some students, particularly adult students, may want to attend select sessions that they can work in their schedule.  For credit students, requirements for the class will be given during the sessions.  If you’d like to attend only to listen in one or more of the sessions, simply attend the session.  For more information, contact:   Noah Webster College   505/340-6569

     This course will expand your knowledge of history, law, and the Constitution.  More important, it will transform the way you look at our nation’s government and laws.  I look forward to getting to know you in class.

     May God bless you as we study the Constitution together,

John Eidsmoe


Two additional seminars are offered by Dr. Eidsmoe:

 9:00-11:30 am.  Calvary Chapel East, 12820 Indian School Road NE, Albuquerque.

“Selected Topics and Current Issues on the Constitution”

Please join us for this free and informative session sponsored by Calvary Chapel East and Noah Webster College.


Saturday,  9-11:30 am.  East Mountain Vineyard Church, #1 Eunice Court, Edgewood, NM

“Current Constitutional Issues and the Supreme Court” 

Join us for this free seminar that promises to be informative and helpful as we pray for our nation.  This is sponsored by East Mountain Vineyard Church and Noah Webster College.