Noah Webster College
Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Vision Statement


Noah Webster College


A Classical Christian Leadership College


Noah Webster College is a unique school where the great ideas of Western Civilization are evaluated by Biblical principles to foster discernment and wisdom for impacting our culture in a variety of liberal arts vocations.


Statement of Purpose

Students are taught to view all of life in light of God’s purposes revealed in the Bible. Foundational principles of God’s Word are deliberately taught in each course of study.  Each student receives a well-rounded liberal arts background from which to reason biblically in every area of life.

Students are grounded in a solid understanding of the Christian Worldview and how their worldview will impact a nation’s culture and its future. Particular emphasis is placed in understanding the Biblical Creation vs. Evolution theories of life, and the Christian impact on the history, government,  and culture of the United States.

Students are trained for leadership in the culture through both personal mentoring and Socratic discussion in small classes using the classic works of Western Civilization in theology, science, education, literature, philosophy, and history. Our vision is to equip Christian students for service and mission in the home, school, church, and culture.

Students are equipped for effective communication to their culture with a particular emphasis on speech, debate, persuasive writing and creative writing.

Students may also receive teacher training in a philosophy and methodology of Christian Education. Students are shown that education is a ministry and Godly calling, and are urged to use their abilities in Christian, public, private, home school, and foreign mission schools and academies.