Noah Webster College
Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Core Values

There are key core values that characterize Noah Webster College and define our program of instruction:
  • Biblical Worldview                 
Classes taught at NWC are presented with the goal of developing a Biblical Worldview in the thinking of each student.  The Bible is God's truth and instructs us in wisdom.  We want to view each subject in the light of God's purposes revealed in the Bible.  Foundational principles of God's Word are deliberately taught in each course. 
  • Academic Excellence             
Our professors are excellent in their respective fields and offer challenging opportunities to students for learning and growth.  Small class size maximizes the opportunity for learning and exchange with other students and a professor who is interested that each student reaches his or her maximum potential.  
  • Socratic Class Discussion         
Each class is taught with the expectation that the students have done homework and required readings to effectively carry on a classroom discussion.  In class, the teacher will pose questions which the class discusses as they understand and share insights together.  Classes have a focus on group discussion,  and learning together with each student contributing to the class.
  • Classical Emphasis                   
NWC is grounded in a classical emphasis in that classes require reading, writing, and reflection.  It is essential that each student becomes skilled in communication.  There are opportunities in class discussion, writing, and presentation to sharpen and improve these skills.
  • Individual Mentoring                   
Students are inspired by the classes and professors at NWC.  Professors inspire a love of learning in their teaching fields, and display Christian character in their work and lives.  Students are inspired to follow Christ and know Him better through their interaction with godly instructors.  The Junior and Senior years of study focus on personal mentoring with a professional as part of the required Core Class.
  • Study of the Great Books         
A study of a number of the Great Books shaping Western Civilization are the key books studied in the required Core Class during the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years of study.
  • Servant Leadership Training         
The Lord Jesus exemplified servant leadership with His life and ministry.  His teaching is full of examples of humble, yet strong and compassionate leadership, being led by God's Spirit, and effectively impacting the lives of others.  Our professors and students want to grow in being servant leaders.  Part of the required Core Classes focus on internship and service to others in areas of service and learning chosen by the student.