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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Summer Seminar

Summer Seminar in Geology
June 24-June 30, 2020
(Postponed because of COVID-19,  New fieldtrip is in planning)

Heart of America Science Resource Center

Summer 2020 Creation Tour of Yellowstone National Park led by Dr. Jerry Simmons (DocRock) and in conjunction with Noah Webster College


The final dates for the Yellowstone trip tour are Wednesday, June 24th through Tuesday, June 30th.  We will start our tour on the evening of the 24th at the Best Western Motel at Diamondville, WY (next door to Kemmerer) where we can meet and get oriented to our tour plan. I will have a Fossil Fish PowerPoint presentation that same evening to showcase a few of the past and some of the current fantastic finds from the area that are giving tremendous evidence of the Flood. The next day, the 25th, we start the trip at the fossil fish quarry in Kemmerer where we will spend 1/2 day digging fossil fish and 1/2 day at the Fossil Butte Museum nearby.  Then on the 26th we will travel north to the Jackson Hole area ,making one or two stops along the way before we spend the evening at the Jackson Hole Bible College. I have made contact with the college and they will put us up for the night at a very reasonable rate (much cheaper than a motel). The president of the college, who is on the Answers in Genesis board of directors, will give us a creation talk that evening. Once we leave Jackson Hole proper on the 27th we will make a couple of brief stops: 1)?? view a sculptors museum showcasing animal scenes, and 2) amazing sites and geology spots on the east side of the Grand Tetons.  On this day we will enter the SW portion of the famous figure 8 tour route of Yellowstone National Park and spend the evening in West Yellowstone. The following three days, the 28th-30th, we will have a great time traveling most of the rest of the figure 8 route park sites (Gardiner, MT will be evening stop on the 28th, Cooke City, MT on the 29th, and Canyon Village on the 30th). The morning of July 1st will be the official end of the Yellowstone Creation Adventure Trip.  Participants will then have three choices: 1) to head toward home, 2) to complete the final segment of the “8” loop along the west side of Yellowstone Lake on their own, or 3) to travel to Cody, WY where there are a number of interesting museums and the world famous Cody Rodeo.  You are welcome to tag along with me as I travel to Cody and then venture into more isolated areas in search of the rock/mineral/fossil treasures that are abundant in WY.I will be headed to WY on June 20th and most likely leave on July 10th

If you are interested in being a part of this 2020 Creation Adventure, please let us know and make your plans.  I have enclosed preliminary contact information for parks, motels, campgrounds, etc. so you can make your reservations early (now if possible).  We will try to stay together as a group as much as possible and work as a big Christian family with devotions, prayer and lots of good Creation/Christian fellowship.  I am sure, as has been the case on all of our other adventures, we will have times for ministering to interested by-standers.  SO JOIN US ON THIS EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRATIONAL, EDIFYING JOURNEY INTO THIS SPECIAL SPOT IN GOD'S CREATION.

Heart of America Fees for this trip are:

  1. $50 nonrefundable registration fee per family sent in before March 8th, 2020. This helps me to know who is serious about this awesome trip and also cover some of the time I have spent in preparing your agenda, making contacts, and getting your trip packet ready for you. This amount will be deducted from the amount charged (see below) if that individual or family takes the tour.  So if you go as an single adult the $50 dollar nonrefundable will be applied to the $200 fee and you would only pay the remaining $150.  If a family goes, then $50 would be deducted from the total for the family. The remaining amount will need to be paid in full on June 24th, 2020. 

Send your reservation fee payable to “Heart of America Science Resource Center”, 510 N. Lawrence, Haviland,

Kansas 67059

2.  $200 per adult,
3.  $125 per teen ages 13-18
4.  $100 per child ages 6-12
5.  No charge for children 5 and under
6.  Donation for participation in activities with DocRock before or after the tour for those rockhounds who need

 to rock!!!


Jerry  Simmons, "DocRock"

Contact information: or or (Noah Webster College participants)


Here is the itinerary for this Creation Adventure involving Heart of American Science Center and Noah Webster College.





*June 24thKS participants

Everyone congregates at Kemmerer Best Western Motel

Travel to and stay at Kemmerer

*June 25thKS participants

½ day at fossil fish quarry, ½ day at Fossil Butte National Monument Museum

Stay at Kemmerer

June 26th  Noah Webster College Group will join us on this day.

Leisurely travel to Jackson Hole, WY

Will stay at facilities at Jackson Hole Bible College for this night

June 27th

Leave Jackson Hole and begin SW portion of Yellowstone tour

Stay at West Yellowstone for the night

June 28th

Tour west portion of Yellowstone

Stay at Gardiner, MT for the night

June 29th

Tour NW and North portion of Yellowstone

Stay at Cooke City—Silver Gate, MT for the night

June 30th

Finish Yellowstone tour with   East part of the figure 8 loop.

Stay at Canyon Village, WY for the final evening or start travel back to

your turf.

July 1stTRIP  OVER

All participants are on their own at this point.

Take in attractions in Cody, WY.

Famous Gun museum, etc. etc. 

Organized or your choice.

Spend evening in Cody or complete the Yellowstone SE portion of the park or begin travel home .Riverton, WY is a decent stopping site with a nice rock shop and some museums.



There are campgrounds in most of the areas we will be staying so you will need to check out those sites if you plan on camping.


Reminder---park entrance fee is $25 per vehicle, so if you have a National park pass be sure to bring it!!


College credit.  Through Noah Webster College some of you may want to gain college credit for this venture.  The trip and the completion of the workbook will merit 2 credit hrs and an addition 1 credit can be gained by doing the follow-up reading/paper assignment.   This is great!


Wyoming Creation Adventure II

Motel and Campgrounds Information









Comfort Inn


Best Western--Cottontree Inn






Best Western—Fossil Country







Let’s see if we can all stay in this motel for the first two nights.  We have a good meeting place in this facility.

Jackson Hole,


Super 8


Motel 6




Jackson Hole


Jenny Lake


We will all be staying at the Jackson Hole Bible Institute facilities in Jackson Hole, WY.  June 26

West Yellowstone,


Best Western—Desert Inn


Comfort Inn


Super 8


Holiday Inn Exp—West Yellowstone





Ft Jax



Wagon Wheel




Gardiner, MT

Comfort Inn—Yellowstone North


Holiday Inn Exp


Super 8


Eagle Creek



Timber Campground



Gardiner dist.



Cooke City-Silver Gate, MT



Super 8 Wyndham


Soda Butte Lodge


Soda Butte




Fox Creek



Canyon Village, WY

(in Yellowstone Park)

Canyon Lodge & Cabins



Cascade Lake 4E4

This may be the hardest area to get a room or space for the evening.

Cody, WY

Best Western—sunset Motor Inn


Comfort Inn at BuffaloBillVillage


Holliday Inn at Buffalo Bill Vil.


Cody KOA





Riverton and Lander both have nice motels for those who head back home during the pm of the 30th.

 Please join us for this spectacular geology fieldtrip led by NWC professor, Dr. Jerry Simmons, to collect fossils and rock specimens and visit Yellowstone N.P. and Grand Teton N.P. in Wyoming.


We look forward to a fun and informative field trip in Creation Geology! 
* * * * * * * 
Summer Seminar 2019
July 27, 2019


 America, A Christian Nation?


Saturday, July 27, 2019 at East Mountain

Vineyard Church in Edgewood 6 -7:30 pm.


  What happens when a nation turns from its founding, forgets God, and goes its own way?  Is it true that America was founded on Enlightenment and humanistic thinking, or was it founded on a base of Christian principles and ideas?  When the foundations are destroyed, the Christian must rebuild again the Biblical basis and foundation of a nation!  In this presentation, you will be surprised at the evidence from America’s colonization, the foundation and source of our law, the nature and content of specific laws, societal institutions of family and education, the Christian lives and thought of our founders, the Christian power and form of our government, and the central role of the Bible in our history.  Come, rebuild your foundation!


“This is all the inheritance I give to my dear family.  The religion of Christ will give them one which will make them rich indeed.”  Patrick Henry, 1798


John Kinzer is professor of history at Noah Webster College, a Christian College located in Albuquerque, NM. Where he has taught for ten years.  John is a student of American History and teaches the Providential History of America, American History, American Government and Constitution classes at NWC. 


Cost:  $10 per person, $15 for a couple, $5 per student, NWC students and faculty are free.  The seminar fee is paid one time at the door at the first seminar you attend, and the one fee pays for all seminars you attend.  All three seminars are covered by the one fee.
  The Noah Webster College Summer Seminar gives the public an opportunity to hear teachers who have done extensive work in a given field of study, and following a lecture, participants are invited to participate in questions and discussion of the topic.
This year's seminar may be helpful to parents and educators who want to understand the impact of Biblical thinking on our culture.  Key themes and concepts will impact our families and ministry.